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All purchases and donations will go towards assisting Samantha Dobo on her cancer Journey. DonateHer Story

Her Story

Your glittery friend Sam Dobo has been diagnosed with stage 2A Nodular Sclerosis Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer but our girl is as positive as ever and is up to the challenge.

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system includes organs such as your spleen, tonsils, and lymph nodes (ya, the ones that swell in your neck when you get a cold) which house and carry your lymphocytes and other white bloods cells . The lymph system is your first line of defence against infection.

Sam needs your help now more than ever.  By donating you can help make Sam’s recovery over the next year(s) as stress free and as expedient as possible.

Your donations will help pay for her rent and living expenses while she receives intensive treatment that may leave her unable to run her business or work.


She is an young entrepreneur who started her business in the last 8 months and doesn’t have the financial security that many of us have. Your support will help her with the day to day so she can focus on her road to recovery.

How it All Began

On January 2nd 2017 after a shift at Tight Club in Strathcona, I walked my sick body over to VGH Emergency and admitted myself for fear that my winter cold had turned into pneumonia.  I exaggerated a little bit to the emergency room receptionist, I told her that for the past few days I had been coughing up blood (I knew this would insure I’d receive a x-ray.  I was right).

Hours passed and I desperately wanted to leave but I was asked to stay because they had found a shadow over my left lung…

That shadow turned out to be a grapefruit sized cancerous mass growing in between my lungs and heart….ugh.

I was in complete disbelief. How could this happen? Im so healthy… I haven’t been this physically fit or motivated about my life and my passions since high school. There is never a right time for cancer but in that moment it felt particularly wrong.

I was admitted that night. Over the next 2 weeks Dr’s and nurses walked me through the road ahead, took over 40 vials of blood and ran a battery of tests;  from CT guided needle biopsy’s to a mediastinotomy.

Im still in shock.  Im full of fear and excitement knowing I have a huge challenge ahead of me but the love and support I’ve received so far has lightened my burden.

The adoration and love of my family and friends expands greater than the reach of the suns groovy waves in the galaxy.  Like Alex Duncan wrote in her book An Army of Hearts, “Love is greater than cancer” and I am love RICH. THANK YOU!

I am very grateful for all of you and I hope to see you at my fundraiser on February 25th.

Much love,
Sam Dobo

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#teamdobo started as an inside joke, to lighten the mood and bring a smile to Sams face. It has become a rallying cry that glues us together for Sam. GO #teamdobo.